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I’m super excited for the baby!

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I will reblog hundreds upon thousands of pictures of Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha Collins but I gotta be honest… I’m not really sexually attracted to any of them.

I’m a shade on the ace side of life.

But then… watching Mad Men… that beautiful motherfucker… my love… my ohshitthisissexualattractionhellsyeah love… he unexpectedly comes on screen.

All I can do is hope for Christina Hendricks to have the hot sexy sex with Dan Byrd on screen. 

Jesus shit. That kid does it for me like no other.



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 centraalperk asked:
It was from "The One With The List." Episode 8 from Season 2. :)

Ah thank you lovely! :) 

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 Anonymous asked:
That gif set you just reblogged with the reasons why Ross loves Rachel, are they actually said by Ross and if so what episode?

Yeah they are said in the episode where Ross has to list what he likes and dislikes about Rachel and Julie in season one I think

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Friends season 1

"Thanks, but I’m okay, really. I’ve got magic beans."

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I feel like I have been punched repeatedly in the chest…this is exactly why I refuse to get emotionally involved in anything…leaves me in the shit afterwards..gahd I feel like crap.

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Build the unit Cinderelly, lay the tile Cinderelly.

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